Gladiators' Tombstones Database (GlaToDa)

How to use the database (FAQ’s)

  • Does the database include every tombstone of ancient gladiators?
    Not included are stelae with the depiction of a gladiator and a mere name. These can be tombstones, but also parts of a larger monument.

  • What rules are applied for the transliteration of names and places?
    Usually the Greek transliteration is preferred, except in these cases in which the Latin version is so common in English that it would be awkward not to use it.

  • What does the '0' in the columns palus/combats/age mean?
    '0' means that the inscription does not contain any information on these categories.

  • Where can I find the books and articles quoted in Details Inscription - Literature?
    Please click on Bibliography left to the FAQ tab.